Monday, May 28, 2007

The internet store

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Bezukhov said...

I had the very same idea. I don't have a credit or debit card. Not even a bank account. And that is true of a lot of people in my socio-economic class. Many may have internet service, but no way to do any on line shopping.

All one would need is a small store front and a few old computers. Of course I would have to then open a bank account and charge any purchases through it.

Some things to consider is that any purchases made would be liable for any State income taxes. Any screw ups concerning anyone's order will ultimately have to be settled by the Internet Store's owner. This could be mitigated by only dealing with the more reputable sites, such as Amazon. More than likely insurance can be purchased to cover any losses, but that and the issue of taxes will have to be considered as over head.

Such a shop need not be strictly for internet commerce. One could allow use of any idle machines for Internet surfing on a per hour basis. Or one could set aside some space for repair and virus removal services.